We need more book reviewers.

Completely out of the blue a stranger emailed about my book and how much she loved it. Do you remember my book? The one I released almost three years ago? Honestly, I’d nearly forgotten about it. In fact, this spring I came under friendly fire in my small group because, allegedly, …

bad day

Interrupted, but not Ruined

This morning my day looked bright. Rainy, but good, because I had nothing I had to do. I saw hours stretched out before me, ready to fill with uninterrupted work and chores around the house. This may not seem exciting to you, but to a mama who has been stretched …


My first 40 years

Turning 40 is not really a big deal, but it can definitely feel like it. Especially when you have a whole year of friends and classmates submitting to time and milestone. One by one we’ve all asked what to do, how to spend the final hours of our thirties. Last …


Building Safe Places

“Mom, can I tell you something?” “Always.” (Yes, this is my answer to that question. Almost always.) I rubbed her leg as …


The Compassion Experience

Whenever everything you need (and nearly everything you want) is within 15 minutes of your house, driving 40 minutes for a free …

JOY problem

The Problem with JOY

  My summer was fabulous. We banished rigid schedules and made way for long days of sunshine and fun. The kids and …

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