• NIV Bible for Women : Offering refreshingly honest takes on contemporary social subjects, this Bible includes several side-bar devotions by fabulous authors such as Margaret Feinberg, Rachel Held Evans, Naomi Zacharias, Christine Caine, Shauna Niequiest, and Annie Downs. I am honored and humbled to be listed among them. I penned four devotions included in this publication.
    Zondervan, 2015.
    Available in hardback and Kindle. BUY IT HERE.
  • In the Dailies : This is a memoir of sorts, my journey of finding purpose and truth in the midst of a seemingly mundane (though often messy) world of toddlers, potty-training, and life as a mom in the suburbs.
    CreateSpace, 2014.
    Available in paperback and Kindle. BUY IT HERE.

More to Explore

Since 2008 I have helped countless writers create, polish, and produce all sorts of works — from articles to dissertations, blog posts to full-length manuscripts. Those full-length manuscripts are my favorite. I invite you to explore the authors that have pursued their passions all the way to book publication. These are all works for which I have served as editor. Click on any cover for details and purchasing options.

Miranda Shisler

Author of outside-the-box Christian historical romance. 

Ohio in the late 1800s may sound sweet and serene, but Miranda’s “Midwest Maidens” series gives readers the unexpected. Filled with multi-faceted characters and faith-challenging plot lines, these books keep you turning pages. You’ll love them!

My Brother the King puts flesh and a new perspective on the Gospels. This thoroughly-researched novel explores the ministry of Christ through the eyes of his siblings.

My Good Name tells the true love story of the author’s grandparents, a legacy that stretches through WWII to touch the hearts of today’s generations. 

M. K. Parsons

The Transient Series seamlessly weaves dystopian themes and steampunk tones with time travel to the American Revolution and beyond. It’s an exciting, engaging, mind-bending YA series.

Kristina Seleshanko

Kristina Seleshanko is a homeschooling mom and homesteader who has authored more than 26 books. Find these and other books available on her blog: Proverbs31 Homestead.

Other Authors

While I absolutely love working with repeat clients as their ideas evolve and grow, some writers only need me for a select project or two. Here are a few of those.