Editing Services


I want to hear it. I want to help you live it. I want to help you share it.


As a freelance editor, I have helped bring 28 books to publication. In addition to this, I’ve assisted clients with countless essays, articles, dissertations, and as-yet-unpublished manuscripts.

Are you a writer? A student? I’d love to help you polish and perfect your work.

Full-Service Editing

While many freelance editors will check your work for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, I evaluate the whole piece. This includes (but is not limited to) all of the following where applicable:

  • Manuscript Formatting
  • Clarity to Readers
  • Story Structure
  • Fact Verification
  • Consistency (point of view, verb tenses, author voice, etc.)
  • Believability
  • Character development
  • Footnoting and Citations

My job as your editor is to make your work SHINE. It is not to put my voice or thoughts into your story. It is not to make you sound like me. It is to make YOU and YOUR STORY be the very best it can be.


INTRODUCTION RATE: For new clients and all projects under 5 pages, I offer an Introduction Rate. This includes a full-service edit of the first five pages (double spaced) with an emphasis on problem areas likely to resurface throughout the length of the project.

This Introduction fulfills two purposes: you can experience the value of my services, and we can learn if we work well together. And we’re able to do this with minimal investment.

It’s very important that writers connect with their editors. Neither of us should feel committed to a working relationship that doesn’t work. We need to be on the same page (forgive the pun) for the project to be successful.

Many major writing issues are often evident within the first few pages. Once those problem areas are identified, clients can choose if they want to self-edit for the remainder of their project or continue working with me at the per word rate.

The flat rate for this Introduction: $150.

PER WORD RATE: For returning clients and projects longer than five pages, I offer full-service editing for $0.03/word (three cents per word).

For more information, email me or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

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Speaking, Teaching & Writing

As a freelance writer, I have produced over 100 articles for at least 14 different publications, both in print and online.

My greatest passion, however, is teaching. I have over 15 years’ experience serving as a Bible teacher, event speaker, and small group facilitator. Groups have ranged from just a few people informally gathered to over 1000 women in a church auditorium for a weekend ladies’ retreat. Messages often center on knowing God and what we can learn through in-depth profiles of biblical characters. Some are a bit more direct: mission-minded parenting or finding harmony as a busy woman of this age. At the heart of each message is this: God is holy and He has a purpose for you.

To inquire about speaking and teaching, please message me your request, along with the event date, location, and any other applicable details.