Is God REALLY on our side?

Romans 8 may be my very favorite chapter of the Bible. Okay, in truth, I have several favorite chapters, but this short segment of a letter to the Roman believers cut straight to my heart as a teenager. It brought me to a saving knowledge of my separation from God and my need for grace…

About those First Impressions…

Once upon a time there was a lovely lady, the mother of both a prince and a princess — Let’s start over. Once upon a time there was a hot mess girl struggling to keep her stuff together after having two kids in quick succession. Okay, that girl is me and those two kids came…

Do it like a Christian. Or maybe better.

Are we called to ACT LIKE Christians or are we called to BE Christians?

What’s the difference? Let’s talk about it. And how we might make our faith go deep below the surface.

A Prayer for those Treading Water

Do you have a regular prayer that you repeat over and over? Margaret Feinberg shared in her book Wonderstruck about a time she become so weary in spirit that all she could pray was: God is good.God is on the throne.Breathe in.Breathe out. These were the words she whispered while making snow angels in the…

Are you free? Are you living like it?

Sometimes what we know in our heads doesn’t reach our hearts or our feet. How can we take steps toward truly walking in the freedom Christ came to give us?

Is this ADD or Spiritual attack?

I have ADD. When people hear reference to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), they think of the dogs in the Pixar movie UP! or maybe Dory from Pixar’s Finding Nemo. (I promise not to mention Disney movies in every sentence.) Being easily distracted and forgetful may be part of it, but there’s a lot more to it than most people…

We need to get this right.

We can disagree with the actions and call them “fringe”, but if they’re playing our music, waving our flags, wearing our symbols, and speaking in the name of our Lord, we need to do something about it.

Are you the eggshell, the mine, or the foot?

Parenting teenagers is hard. Some days we’re walking on eggshells and other days we’re traversing minefields. Some days, like this weekend, we’re doing both. Did I ever tell you about the time I nearly stepped on a landmine in Bosnia?