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I don’t have all the answers, but this I know… {BIG WORD: 1 Kings 17-18}

A couple European vagabonds and I sat in a tiny studio apartment amid the Swiss Alps debating theology until 4 am. Sons of missionaries, raised in boarding schools, these brothers had left their parents’ faith. I don’t remember a whole lot about them, not even their last name, but I remember …

Psalm 116.2

Fearing Unanswered Prayers

Yesterday was a great day. Nothing off-the-charts spectacular happened. I simply walked through a stream of reminders that God answers even unspoken prayers. Little surprises here and there, directly speaking to my heart. Garth Brooks sang a song called “Unanswered Prayers,” in which he thanked God for not giving him …

Sandy via wikipedia

Surviving Sandy

I live in New Jersey. There. I’ve said it. We’ve lived here for over eight years, yet I’m still reluctant to admit it. I love it here, but Friends and Seinfeld are so much more appealing than The Sopranos, Jersey Shore or Real Housewives, and Manhattan is only twenty minutes away. Regardless, it’s time …

Am I prayerful enough?

Recently I ran into a friend I’d not seen in months. We smiled, clasped hands, and progressed with the typical salutations of a chance meeting. When I exclaimed that I had been thinking about her so much lately and praying for her, she grew suddenly serious. “Well, that’s no coincidence.” …

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