Big Word Bible Studies

What is Big Word?

My in-home Bible study group teases me that I use too many multi-syllabic words for a stay-at-home mom. Whether this is true or not (and I do take issue with it), the moniker has stuck. We’ve been dubbed the Big Word Bible study.

It’s actually a pretty cool name because as we dive into the Word of God (and we do dive!), we realize what a truly BIG Word it is. There is so much there to discover! And the deeper we go, the more we see how it is thoroughly complex and delightfully simple all at the same time.

On this page you’ll find our studies — past and present — sorted by topic. The discussions are mostly blog posts (which of course are free) and the homework is free, too (via .pdf download)! You are welcome to use them in your own home Bible studies or join us in our current study here online. We meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month (in-home). Discussions take place the following Fridays (online).

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Big Word Bible Studies

Past Studies:

Follow the links below to access pages for past Big Word studies. Everything you need for your individual or group study will be found there, including free downloads of discussion notes, videos and homework (if written by me) or links to purchase study books (if written by others).

These studies are listed in order of biblical chronology, not the dates originally hosted or published.

Bathsheba: Victim or Vixen? (June 2009)
This one isn’t really a study, but rather a series of posts I wrote while studying David and Bathsheba, June 2009. These also offer supplemental information and discussion for our study on 2 Samuel, specifically chapters 11-12.

For SPRING 2014 we went through Margaret Feinberg’s “Wonderstruck.” It was an AMAZING journey for all of us.

Here’s a introduction to the study.

A Sneak Peek At Wonderstruck from Margaret Feinberg on Vimeo.

If you’re local and would like to borrow the videos, let me know. Otherwise, you can find the book online.

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