Is God REALLY on our side?

Romans 8 may be my very favorite chapter of the Bible. Okay, in truth, I have several favorite chapters, but this short segment of a letter to the Roman believers cut straight to my heart as a teenager. It brought me to a saving knowledge of my separation from God and my need for grace…

The starting point matters.

You can’t win a 5K if you run in the wrong town. You won’t get where you want to go if your map is for the wrong state. And, no matter what Joey Tribbiani says, trifles do not taste good if the ingredients you use aren’t right. The starting point matters.

Can we talk about idolatry?

Any kid who has grown up around Bible stories knows what idolatry is. It’s bowing down to golden statues and carved images and worshipping any deity other than God Almighty. We learned this when Sunday School teachers told us about Moses and The Ten Commandments; about Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar; and then when missionaries shared slideshows…

We need to get this right.

We can disagree with the actions and call them “fringe”, but if they’re playing our music, waving our flags, wearing our symbols, and speaking in the name of our Lord, we need to do something about it.

Can Star Wars be a Christmas movie?

Before we go any further, let me clarify. I know Star Wars is a franchise and not a single movie. It’s a fandom, a subculture, some might even say a lifestyle. I have a dog named Vader and a son who could likely write dissertations on any number of subjects from the galaxy, but I…