You gotta love a girl with choices.

Ellie has been planning her wedding all summer. Technically, she’s been planning her wedding for about three years now, but this summer has been special because she had a specific groom in mind.

DeAndre may or may not know what his future holds, but sweet Ellie hasn’t a doubt. She has chosen their kids’ names (Max and Joole, which is pronounced like Julie) and the color of their house (pink with a green door, because his favorite color is green). She knows they’ll eat lobster and lots and lots of shrimp at their wedding, which, of course, will be held in a castle. She will have a giant diamond and the biggest, most princessy dress you’ve ever seen.

Now that fall has arrived, things have changed. She’s in a new school with new students. We had this conversation yesterday.

Ellie: “Mom, you’ll never guess. There’s a boy in my class named Ryan. He sits next to me and burps through his nose all the time. Oh, and I love him.”
Me: “Wait — what?”
Ellie: “I’m going to marry him.”
Me: “Because he burps through his nose?!”
Zach: “What about DeAndre? I thought you were going to marry him.”
Ellie: “Huh. (big smile) I guess I have choices!”

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