Less-wordy Wednesday: Winter

Many things have rested heavily on my heart and mind lately. Because of this, I’ve not blogged much for fear that these monstrous pontifications may overflow in the wrong venue. Let me just say this: there is much to pray about. Relationships fall apart, health declines, strife seems to reign in the exact worse places … We are all flawed, yet God is greater and He alone can conquer all of these. He alone can guide in the way of righteousness. For this He must be praised!

Instead of skating close to volatile territories, I’m sticking to a relatively safe topic today: winter. And photos that speak for themselves.

We haven’t seen our grass since Christmas. Here are a few (million) tiny, icy reasons why.

Zach takes his shoveling very seriously. This thrills both me and his father! If you look behind him to the left, you can see part of the igloo we carved. It’s pretty cool (no pun intended)! Both kids can sit inside our little ice cave. :)

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