Wholly Devoted {BIG WORD: 1 Kings 15-16}

2 Chronicles 16

This week in Big Word we cover 1 Kings 15-16. In those two short chapters we meet eleven kings over two nations, only one of which did anything that honored God.

God doesn’t want part of us. He doesn’t give us kudos for trinkets of devotion. No. He wants all of us all to Himself. That may sound selfish and domineering, but … well, He is worthy! Who should sport a god complex more than the one true and living God? Besides, it’s all for our good. If we give Him our all, He promises to bless us.

Here’s a quick video recap of this week’s study. It’s about 16 minutes long. Take a look and leave your comments. I want to know what God’s teaching you through this journey of ancient kingdoms.

I said it in the video and I’ll say it again: I am so sorry about the incomplete homework for these chapters. Clearly I did not double- and triple-check my work. I’m so sorry! I have updated the download. You can get the new version HERE.

Also, check out the Big Word tab to get the new outline for this season (or just click here). None of the dates have changed, but the chapters covered each week (for the remainder of 1 Kings) have shifted just a bit.

The new homework for the next section will be up soon. Those of you on the email list will get immediate notification of that. I’ll even deliver it right to your inbox, free of charge. :) If you’re not yet on the email list, why not join now?

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Your Turn: How do you keep your heart fully devoted to Him? How can we lovingly spur one another on toward that end?

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