Where would you hide?

A while back I mentioned my Martha-Stewart-wannabe- plans. Well, they never panned out. Once again my intentions went unfulfilled. However, even without making a detailed calendar of what I wanted to do, our summer is going great. Possibly the best EVER. I’m so excited! Since Ellie got out of school, we have done a lot:

  • We had an awesome week of VBS  (even if it did start with my bra in the toilet).
  • God allowed me to teach a formal Bible class — to adults! (VERY exciting, considering my usual students turn every lesson toward pirates and nudity.)
  • I’ve done a lot of writing.
  • The kids and I have gone to the beach …
  • … a number of super-cool zoos …
  • … the pool …
  • … and several new parks!
  • We’ve hosted brunches …
  • … and playdates …
  • … and one very formal tea party.
  • Zach learned to play baseball.
  • Ellie learned to ride a scooter.
  • Both kids have started reading!!! (I am CRAZY excited about this one! Hooked on Phonics worked for us. :) )

All this and the summer is only half over. I’m loving it! Next month we have Zach’s birthday and our annual family vacation to Cape Cod with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa and everybody. It’s the best.

But there’s more. (Can you hear my blaring giddiness?)

Rick has to go to London for business. For a whole week. AND I GET TO GO WITH HIM!!!

There’s only one problem — and this is where I need your help: I can’t find my passport. It’s not in the firebox where it should be. It’s not in any of my sixteen handbags or five carry-ons. (Yes, I know have a fetish and keep meaning to get help, but … well, I like my fetish.) I can’t imagine where it would be. I used it just eighteen months ago when we traveled to St. Lucia. I know it has since expired, but it would be so much easier to get it renewed than to get a new one, so here’s my question for you:

If you were an expired passport, where would you hide?

Bonus question: If you had to wander England while your husband sat through boring business meetings, where would you go? What would you do?

Talk to me!

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