Where can you get free ebooks? I’ll tell you.

Free Christian EbooksSome of you may remember all the free ebooks — Kindle, Nook and other — that used to be regularly featured on this blog. I’d offer collections of book covers and direct links almost every Tuesday, including brief book descriptions and even some reviews. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

There are a few reasons those posts stopped. I want to explain, but I also want to show you where you can still find those free ebook nuggets.

It took a lot of time. No, I mean a LOT of time to sort through all those titles. I, of course, loved doing it! But I’ve found it difficult to find and make the time lately.

Why reinvent the wheel or echo other (better) sites? I’ve found so many other sites that do this very well, it seems wiser and easier to just recommend them. If you need a few good hits, bookmark these pages:

    • Gospelebooks.net: Everyday they post Christian ebook freebies and deals. They also offer some pretty good reviews, though not as frequently as the promos.
    • ChristianEbooksToday.com: They post TWICE a day, once for fiction and once for nonfiction. They also occasionally post reviews and giveaways.
    • ProverbsThirtyOneWoman.blogspot.com: Kristina’s blog is not about ebooks or publishing; it’s about homesteading and leading a godly family. She does, however, list free ebooks once a week that align with her holistic theme of home, family, God and child-rearing. You’ll find a direct link to the latest lists at the top of her right sidebar.
    • GeekyChristian.com: I just found this one recently so I can’t speak to their patterns, but they have a rather extensive list of fabulous nonfiction titles. From what I can tell, these are mostly doctrine and apologetics. Really great stuff. They also link to free audio books.
    • Direct through retailers: Christianbook.com offers samplings and free ebooks regularly. (Click HERE for the latest.) Amazon.com allows you to search for the 100 Bestsellers by genre and price. (Click HERE for their top 100 free books in religious fiction.)
    • Direct through publishers: David C. Cook offers two free ebooks every week! Click HERE to sign up for free reminders direct to your inbox. Tyndale offers an entire calendar of free and discounted titles. Check that out HERE. You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay on top of what’s available.

Amazon changed the rules. They want to make money; I understand. Toward that end, they’ve made it very difficult for people to promote freebies, especially from an established website. Because of this …

I’ve returned to free ebook blasts on facebook. I posted 10 free ebooks this morning and last night, along with links to over 100 other titles — all free for a limited time. Be sure to visit the page for details. While you’re there, go ahead and “like” it (if you haven’t already) to stay on top of things.

Some of you have shared how frustrating facebook can be, especially for links like this. I’m sorry. I really am! I understand why you prefer having it on the blog. Honestly, I do, too, but it’s just not feasible at this point. Thanks for understanding. :)

Talk to me.

Where do you find your ebook deals? Share your favorite sites in the comments!

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