What’s next for Big Word?

Last night we finished our study of 2 Kings. If you missed the study guide, you can grab that HERE.

Below is a quick video recap of our discussion and an introduction to what we plan to do during the spring semester.

Let’s talk about Bible translations.

In the video I discuss paraphrases versus paraphrases and versions of Scripture. How do you know which are which? They’ll usually tell you in the front matter near or around the title page and copyright information. My favorite translations are the New American Standard Bible and the New English Translation, but there are others.

I wrote more about versions vs. translations in this post: Choosing a Bible.

What’s next for Big Word?

Wonderstruck Additional WorkbookBeginning on January 30th, we will be going through Margaret Feinberg’s Wonderstruck.

I think this is a great choice for us, following 2 Kings, because it will highlight once again the holiness and wonder of God. The same God forgotten by the kings. The same God who has called US to be set apart and holy for His name and His purposes. It also will focus on portions of Isaiah, who was a prophet to the kings.

We touched on Isaiah a bit in our study this season. Next season we can dive a little deeper into his writings and the messages he had for the kings and the truths God has for us.

  • If you’re local and want to participate, please let me know so that I may order a workbook for you.
  • If you’re not local and want to participate, you can explore the study and materials more online. Just click here.

Here’s a trailer for Wonderstruck:

TALK TO ME: What impacted you the most in this study of 2 Kings?

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