We have a problem.

Ellie is convinced we’re having a baby. We’re not. Let me say that again: we are not currently planning to have another child. The discussion is not permanently sealed, but right now, conception is not on the agenda. Our daughter believes otherwise. In fact, she thinks babies are already inside me waiting to come out. Oh, yes, we have a problem.

The weather has been great, so we’ve been outside a lot more, walking, going to parks and playgrounds. Ellie infoms every person we meet that we’re having a baby. She’s also decided this baby is a girl and her name is Lily. She’s tells everyone that too. I can’t get her to stop, no matter how many times I interrupt her before innocent passersby are lied to and then begin congratulating me. She just smiles sweetly and tells me once again that she needs “someone to push around.” Her powers of persuasion build muscle as she regales me with stories of her big sister skills and what a great helper she is.

She even told her father we were going to have a new baby. “Where are we getting this baby?” he asked. Her answer: “From Mommy’s tummy. That’s where babies come from, Daddy.”

Last night was the tipping point. I crossed over from “this is cute” to “we’ve got to do something about this.” While cuddling under some blankets Ellie asked me to tell her about when she and Zach were born. I gave the stories in a way that delighted her. She’s only four, so I kept the tales politely G-rated while still offering the excitement her imagination requires. I explained how they grew and grew and then finally decided to come out. Ellie told my body she was ready, but Zach wasn’t quite sure he wanted to come out. We needed to tell him it was time. She smiled, that adorable twinkle in her eye, then cupped her hands around her mouth and leaned against my stomach. “COME OUT, LILY!! IT’S TIME TO COME OUT!!!

Help. Please.

This photo, a flashback to almost three years ago, is courtesy of We are THAT Family and the weekly ‘Fro Me to You linky.

Our Ellie is definitely hoping to recreate the scene. These two have changed a lot, haven’t they? My girl had curls, but no hair! :) Makes me smile.

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