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I’ve mentioned more than once (here on the blog, on facebook and on twitter) that I plan to launch a new web design before the summer ends. Part of that is the design of a unique logo just for me and this website.

The last time I did something like this, I worked with only one designer to whom I gave very explicit instructions. I loved what she did (pictured to the right), but it’s been five years. It’s time for something new.

Problem #1: I am incredibly indecisive person, especially with artwork and design.

Problem #2: I have too many beautiful designs from which to choose. (This, of course, only amplifies Problem #1.)

I need your help. 

I received 170 custom designs from 22 very talented graphic artists. I selected my 5 favorite designers, then methodically narrowed down their designs to 18 top contenders. Earlier this week I posted polls on facebook to get some opinions from friends there and today have narrowed it further to 5 final designs. I need to choose one.

The winning design will be incorporated into my new website theme, business cards and the like. So … click below to vote for your favorites. THANKS!

Rank the Top Picks for Tanya’s New Logo!

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