Unequally Yoked — but happily married!

A common Christianese phrase is “equally (or unequally) yoked.” It refers to 2 Corinthians 6 where Paul urges believers to not be “yoked” with unbelievers. The passage talks about purity and holiness. It encourages believers to remain untethered from those who might pull us toward unrighteous beliefs and practices.

Occasionally,this passage will be used in a reference to business partners, but most Christians only use the term for dating and marriage.  Sex and emotions, after all, can be champion persuaders. Marriage, meant to be until death, is a serious vow and should never be taken lightly, so you don’t want to enter into that with someone who might cause you harm.

But what if that someone is actually a fabulous person who just doesn’t believe in God? Maybe they believe in God, but don’t believe Jesus was the Messiah. Maybe they believe in God and Jesus, but don’t see any personal relevance to the Bible. What if you’re perfect for each other in every way — goals, values, parenting, humor, attraction, respect — except faith?

Is it possible to be unequally yoked AND happily married? How does one reconcile the two with Paul’s admonition in Scripture?

Gretchen, a bloggy friend who has guest posted for me before, wrote a beautiful piece about this for Jean Sullivan’s blog. I love her honest portrayal of her struggle and the openness she has with her husband, but I also so appreciate her gentle, loving spirit. In this article you will find sound biblical advice and a sweet heart to imitate.

Unequally Yoked — but Happily Married: Secrets to successful marriage when you disagree on spiritual matters

Read more from Gretchen at her blog: Jewels in My Crown Someday.

Another piece to check out: El Chupacabra‘s post about how his believing wife (Jamie) brought him to grace.

the very worst missionary, the very best wife

** Please note: This post has absolutely nothing to do with “missionary dating.” That’s a completely different issue. Thank you for not taking things out of context. :) **

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