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Associated Press/Photo by ed S. Warren

Associated Press/Photo by ed S. Warren

Yesterday I posted an extensive piece about gay marriage and the recent announcement from World Vision that they would openly hire people in legal same-sex marriages. Just hours after I posted my response, they reversed their decision.

In their letter of recapitulation and apology, World Vision stated:

“… we failed to be consistent with World Vision U.S.’s commitment to the traditional understanding of Biblical marriage and our own Statement of Faith, which says, ‘We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.’ And we also failed to seek enough counsel from our own Christian partners.”

They asked forgiveness from supporters and lamented the impact this has had and will continue to have on their ministry and on the sponsored children who have been dropped since the initial announcement two days ago.

You can read the entire letter and responses in this article from Christianity Today.

This new announcement, of course, has been met my more kids dropped by those who jumped to sponsor kids and show their support of World Vision’s first announcement. The whole thing is a mess.

I am disappointed.

Somehow this reversal doesn’t make me feel any better. Now more people are hurt. Confused. Frustrated.

Christians in the LGTB community felt they were finally getting some support and recognition from a major Christian employer and charity. They now feel betrayed.

Sponsored kids and projects all over the world have gotten financial whiplash because too many people jumped to action — both for and against the announcement … and then did it again.

I expected more.

I expect a huge organization like World Vision to think through the ramifications of their decisions before they make them. I expected more foresight on their part. Did they really not understand this? Did they not know what was going to happen?

If they didn’t, their heads are in the sand.

If they did, still made the decision, and then took it back, their convictions are too weak.

Neither evokes confidence.

We still need to talk.

Regardless of what World Vision does, we still need to talk about this. I don’t expect to reach a consensus, but I would love some peace and civility. These are important issues and we need to think them through. If you missed yesterday’s post and my thoughts on this, you can read that HERE.

I don’t want us rushing to react or spewing out passionate vitriol at one another. I want us loving one another, aching together, working together.

World Vision’s initial statement was made to promote unity. Unity is a beautiful goal! Let’s work toward it. In order to get there, though, we need to be more careful.

Let’s stop the name calling and crude comments. Let’s speak in love, truth and grace. Let’s not question one another’s salvation or motives, but really listen and think. Stop attacking each other. Stop assuming agendas or unspoken intent. Let’s just talk. Let’s pray. Let’s pursue God together.

Some very wise advice:

Jen Hatmaker
A small plea: as you respond to the World Vision reversal today, please remember that no matter how you believe, very real people were at the heart of this controversy. They were welcomed in, then unwelcomed to great outcry in 24 hours. Regardless of beliefs, that hurts deeply and is publicly humiliating. Please be kind and sensitive and human in your response. We have many fragile hearts in our midst.

Talk to me!

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