Um … Hi.

thought bubbleHello, over there.

Remember me? Yeah, I used to write for this website regularly and then I just, kinda, disappeared.

Things have been busy, both personally and professionally. I’ve acquired a few new projects, mostly editing and a little web design. (HUH?? I know, right! Like I’m any kind of expert there.)

While my days and hands are full, my absence may relate more to fear. It’s not that I have nothing to say. I actually have too many things I want to say, few of which I probably should, especially on a such a public platform. And so I waffle between courage and safety.

The longer I waffle, the longer I censor myself from topics or assertions I might regret. (Or not.) And the longer the silence lasts, the more pressure increases to say something truly profound. Something really, really great.

I have nothing great to say today. (Or too much fear to say what I ought.)

And I can’t take the silence (or the pressure) any longer and so … Hi.

I’m still here.

I’ll write more tomorrow.

Talk to me!

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