Two Weeks In

This morning I received an email that claimed to offer “You won’t find this information any place else!” What were they toting? Great ways to help you break those “pesky” New Years Resolutions. “It’s never been easier!”

Lose weight? Here are some coupons for your favorite high-cal restaurants!

Spend more time with family? Have a discount to your local spa for some me-time!

Travel more? Check out these great things to do right in your home town!!

Kinda creative marketing, actually.

So, how are you doing with those new goals? More specifically, how are you doing with your Bible reading?

On Monday I posted some great tips for choosing the right Bible reading plan and where to find them. If you missed it and are still deciding what to do, go back and check it out.

At only two weeks in, it’s not too late to get started. For that matter, you can start in July! It doesn’t matter when, how or where you start reading the Bible, JUST DO IT.

As for me, I’m on Day 15 which, according to the calendar puts me ahead, but according to when I started it, I’m a day behind. It’s nice to have a little grace built in.

YOUR TURN: Which reading plan have you chosen? How are you doing with it?


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