Top Posts for June

These were the most popular posts last month:

  1. When a boy breaks his leg …
  2. Strawberry-Peach Oatmeal Crumble
  3. A Boy, A Shattered Femur and My Life One Year Ago
  4. The Newest Dennis Adventure
  5. The Perfect Gift
  6. Unequally Yoked — but happily married!
  7. No Other Gods
  8. About Me
  9. Big Word Bible Studies
  10. Jephthah’s Story (Judges 10–12)
Interestingly, only two of those were actually written last month. :) I did, however, update and expand the “About Me” page, so that must account for something.
Honorable mention goes to “Strapping Myself In” which appears to be the most “liked” piece from June.
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