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Not all of you are on facebook, so you may be a bit in the dark about this week’s happenings around here. It’s been rather exciting in a totally “this-is-not-what-we-would-have-planned-but-God-is-still-good-and-in-charge” kind of way.

Here’s the story.

We went to Pennsylvania on Sunday to visit family. After dinner Rick and his mom took the kids to a super cool wooden playground. It was there that Zach, while running and chasing and having a wonderful time, somehow got his foot caught and flipped so that, when Rick turned toward the screaming, Z was suspended upside down over monkey bars with his leg still caught in the platform above.

They took him to the nearest hospital where I met them and, after about four hours of morphine, x-rays and blood tests, we were taken by ambulance to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in North Philly.

My little man fractured his femur. The bone splintered into three pieces right near his hip joint. After more drugs, more x-rays and more tests, they scheduled him for surgery the next morning. The plan was to insert flexible pins in a criss-cross fashion through the bone fragments.

The next morning, however, the surgeon convinced us that, because of Zach’s age (5) and the location of the break (so close to the joint), a hip spica cast would be better. That’s a fancy way to say they’re going to bind our son in a half-body cast that makes him immobile and me very, very busy over the next two months.

It looks like this:

hip spica cast

The cast extends above his pelvis, pretty much to his ribs. So the poor kid can’t sit up. He can’t even see his toes. I took a picture to assure him they were still there.

hip spica cast

I am so glad I cut his toenails before this happened.

The process of setting the bone and building the cast took about an hour and forty minutes. Thanks to the anesthesia, he slept through all of that and most of the day after.

Once he woke up (and discovered all the toys Grandma had brought for him), he quickly returned to his usual, happy self.

Because of the size and angle of his cast, they wouldn’t release him from the hospital until we had a medical transport.

Can I just say how difficult it is to find an ambulance to drive you two hours one way on a holiday weekend?

So, we’ve had quite the adjustment! Our plans for the next few weeks included parties, swim lessons, three more weeks of school, VBS, baseball, softball and all sorts of start-of-summer activities.

Now I get to take time away from all that and have lots and lots of one-on-one time with this precious little guy.

You know, I haven’t once asked why this happened. I haven’t once been angry or even upset.

Sure, I hate to see my kid go through this. I am absolutely heartbroken at the pain he has had to endure, the muscle spasms that have kept us all from sleeping and the itches that simply can’t be reached.

But I know God and I know He is in control. I know that we have nothing to fear when we align ourselves with Him and that all this is simply a new adventure for us. It’s another opportunity to love and learn and stretch and grow.

I’m grateful.

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