The Invention of Fractions

God frequently speaks to me in themes. No matter how far I try to escape the lesson He has in mind, nearly every book, song, sermon, discussion seems to boomerang right back to it. The lesson currently (meaning over the past six months) bludgeoning me is how to love God with my whole heart. The theme has been evident in Crazy Love (a book I’m still afraid to write about), The Hole in Our Gospel (a book I am also afraid to write about and the one our small group is currently studying), music from my favorite artists … so much.

In a couple weeks I’ll blog about the newest book from Carolyn Custis James. It opens with this poem by Jessica Goodfellow.

God created the whole numbers:
The first born, the seventh seal
Ten Commandments etched in stone,
the Twelve Tribes of Israel —
Ten we’ve already lost —
forty days and forty nights,
Saul’s thousand and David’s ten thousand.
‘Be of one heart and one mind’ —
the whole numbers, the counting numbers.

It took humankind to need less than this;
to invent fractions, percentages, decimals.
Only humankind could need the concepts
of splintering and dividing,
of things lost or broken,
of settling for the part instead of the whole.

Only humankind could find the whole numbers,
infinite as they are, to be wanting;
though given a limitless supply,
we still had no way
to measure what we keep
in our many-chambered hearts.

Am I satisfied with a fraction of what God wants for me simply because I refuse to give Him my all?

Am I so determined to keep parts for myself that I am willing to surrender being whole?

Lord God, help me not to settle for less than all of You! Empty me of myself that You may fill me wholly, that You may bless me to the full extent of Your perfect and holy purposes, whatever those purposes may be. Give me the strength I need to give You my all.

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