The five- … er, four-minute post

As usual, when I’m not blogging I’m doing other things.

That was incredibly profound, wasn’t it? Yup. You come here for the good stuff, I know.

I only have a few minutes so now is the perfect time for a little catch-up. So, let’s see … what have I been doing other than blogging?

I’ve been writing Bible studies. If you’re following along with our study in Judges, we’re up to chapters 6-9 tonight (post going up tomorrow). Our discussion will revolve around Gideon and some do’s and don’t’s of deciphering God’s will. Should be interesting!

I’ve been making purses and ornaments and wreaths and Kindle covers. You can see most of those on my Etsy site: You can also catch photos of things not yet listed on our facebook page. We hope to have more stuff up, including some goodies even the guys might like, by the end of the month.

Speaking of the month, it’s almost over! This brings both jubilation and trepidation to my soul. Jubilation because I absolutely love the colors and the fall breezes and those last fleeting moments of being able to play outside before the oppression of winter descends upon us. We’ve gone apple picking and park hopping. We’ve hit the zoo and the playground and filled our weekends playing football in the backyard. It’s just so much fun! And such an amazing testimony to God’s goodness. Just three months ago my son was in a semi-body cast and bound to bed or his wheelchair. Now he’s running (albiet with a slight limp) and jumping in piles of gorgeous, crisp leaves.

Trepidation comes because I hate Halloween and, now that we’re in the public school system, Halloween seems to be an integral part of my children’s education every October.

With Wicca being one of the fastest growing religions in the US, I have to ask: What happened to separation of church and state? Yes, yes, I know … Halloween is a “religious” holiday in America in the same way that Christmas is a religious holiday. In other words, it’s only religious if you want it to be. It’s often considered more cultural than religious. But inconsistencies still exist. We’re not allowed to sing Christmas songs in public school, yet every day my kids come home with a new Halloween song or poem or chant.

Our school permits only three class parties each year: Halloween, winter and end-of-school.

Really?? I understand no Christmas because we do have a diverse student body, but no Valentine’s Day? No Thanksgiving? No Memorial Day? No other American holidays? Nope. Halloween, allegedly, is the only holiday that doesn’t offend. There is a problem with us elevating a celebration of death and morbid or mangled creatures.

Therein lies my problem. I actually adore the IDEA of cultural Halloween. I mean, how cool is it for everyone to play dress-up and go get candy from friends and neighbors? That’s a wonderful community-building event!

My problem is the fact that, because of this holiday, my kids must walk past countless skulls, zombies and maimed corpses on our way to school. That kindergarten girls come to school in sexy cougar leotards and fishnet hose. That six-year-old boys get to squirt their friends with fake blood all day long … that all the parents stand by laughing and commenting about how cute it all is. NO! This is not cute! It’s disturbing!! Cute is dressing up like a butterfly or a superhero or Bo Peep. Cute is singing a fun song about pumpkins or falling leaves or hide-and-seek. Cute is not having an ax stuck in a child’s skull and chanting about witches’ brews and spells.

Wow. And that ends my allotted time for this blog post … and my annual rant on Halloween. :)

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