The Best of 2012

Best of 2012

2012 was a full and interesting year for the blog. Not only did we officially launch Big Word Bible Studies, but we also switched hosting platforms in October. That makes the numbers a little wonky for an annual re-cap. It also makes it more likely that some of you missed some great posts.

What were the most popular posts of last year? Here’s a list of the top ten.

  1. 50 Shades of Grey, 1 Beautifully Distinct Purity … With over 3100 visits, this post definitely ranks at the top! Facing popular culture, I wrote this post as a call for Christians to be set apart and holy. Just because it’s fantasy doesn’t make it okay. Purity involves far more than abstaining from sex as singles. It also means preserving your mind, eyes and heart for God and your spouse … whether you have one now or not. READ THE FULL POST for more. And don’t miss the comments. Readers left some very interesting remarks there, too!
  2. The Newest Dennis Adventure and When a Boy Breaks His Leg … More than a year after Zach ended PT for his shattered femur, his story remains relevant. More people come to this site for those post than from any other Google search. If you missed those adventures within our family history, you can start with either of these posts or jump right to the category list for ZACH’S BROKEN LEG. Be forewarned: The category page lists the posts in reverse order. To read them chronologically, you need to start at the bottom.
  3. Strawberry-Peach Oatmeal Crumble … This is actually a recipe I wrote and posted on my old blog. It’s not here on the new one; I’ve not decided whether or not to transfer all my recipe posts here. But you can still find it there. Follow this LINK, but remember that it will take you to an external site.
  4. Big Word Bible Studies … We now have four complete studies available on our Big Word page! All are available as free downloads. If you’ve not tried one yet, you might want to explore the page a bit. Our next study starts on Thursday. We’ll be diving into the book of First Kings.
  5. For the Love of Homosexuals, Chicken Sandwiches and Free Speech … Few could have missed the controversy circling Chick-fil-A last summer. This post presents a few of my thoughts on the issue. You might be surprised. READ THE FULL POST for more.
  6. Jepthah’s Story … Clearly not many people have attempted to explain this mysterious passage from Judges! I certainly am not an expert on the subject, but my thoughts and summations have drawn a crowd. This post is part of our Big Word Bible study on Judges. READ THE FULL POST for more.
  7. Redshirting … In 2012, for the first time ever, I voiced political opinions publicly. I know — totally taboo! I’ve always been one to keep controversial topics in tight circles, but felt convicted about my silence. If I really believe so strongly about these issues, then I shouldn’t be afraid to share my perspectives. This post on Redshirting was my first outing on the soapbox. I wrote it in response to an episode of 60 Minutes that detailed a growing trend to have kids start school later … as in older. Why is this becoming so popular? What impact does it have on equality, sports, maturity and other factors within education? Within community? READ THE FULL POST for more.
  8. Celebrating Epiphany … Today makes a timely reminder of this post. I published it exactly a year ago with all sorts of ideas of how to celebrate Epiphany or “Three Kings Day” with kids. READ THE FULL POST for more.
  9. Trying on Homeschool … The summer that Zach was in a body cast (2011), I homeschooled the kids. This post features our basic curriculum with spreadsheets of how I planned and organized their lessons and activities. More than a year later it still proves to be helpful. READ THE FULL POST for more.
  10. Disney World: Advice for First-Timers … This is another old post that continues to be popular! I wrote this after our first trip to Walt Disney World. It offers five easy tips to make your WDW vacation a success. READ THE FULL POST for more. If you’re interested in more Disney posts, check out the categories in the right sidebar. I have actually written enough about Disney to warrant it’s own label. I’m not sure if that’s pathetic or wonderful. :) Either way, you can read all my Disney posts HERE. To read chronologically, start at the bottom.

So, there you have it! The best of … well, hmm. Only half of these were actually written in 2012, so maybe we should call these the Best IN (not of) 2012.

Your Turn: Did I miss any? What were your favorite posts from last year?

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