The 10-Minute Post

I am giving myself precisely ten minutes to write something here and I’m going to try my best not to edit it.

Why would one do this, you ask. Well, I don’t know exactly, except that I feel a nudge to post something and I that’s all the time I have before I must leave to get in line for pick-up at school. (I really miss being able to walk to school.)

My last post was about this awkward idleness that seems to have overtaken me. Some of you mistaken took my ramblings to mean I have nothing to do. (HA!) I actually have a butt-load lovely host of activities that should be occupying my time and I am trying to be disciplined and methodical about attacking them. No, I haven’t created a written list (or as is typical in my case, an overly-elaborate spreadsheet), but I have ticked logged a number of mental notes. Some wise, experienced moms who have already survived this first phase of empty nest have begged me strongly encouraged me to take my time in filling my time. My brilliant husband has advised the same. So I’m trying to revel in this time, take it slow and prayerfully consider how best to fill these silent hours.

And they will be filled, I have no doubt.

For starters, I am teaching a new Bible study this fall. A group of women from my community will be joining me every other Wednesday night for a dive into the Old Testament book of Judges. If you care to join us, we’ll be using this book. I plan to post our progress and major discussion points on the Thursdays following our meetings.

Three minutes left. I’ve already failed at the “no editing” challenge.

The kids have completed their first week (four days, actually) of school. During that time I thought of many, many things I could do while they’re there. Things I haven’t done in a very long time. Some things I don’t remember ever doing.

Like getting my hair cut on a weekday afternoon.

Or going shopping without first checking my purse’s supply of juice boxes, raisins and/or graham crackers.

I could drive into the city and hit a museum or two.

Or go to Victoria’s Secret and actually buy the things I want to buy without having people give me that “Hey, woman behind the double stroller! Haven’t you had enough yet?” look.

Oh, the possibilities … Of course, the things most forefront in my mind are finishing up the hundred projects started around the house, writing reviews for the two rather large stacks of books beside my bed and keeping up with a new year of public school. And one of these days I will eventually get back to those books I’ve started but never completed.

Time. It is stretched out before me with endless possibilities.

God, grant me an abundance of wisdom so that I may not waste a drop.

And time’s up.

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