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Lent in Reverse: Fasting from God (part 1)

With surprising (and embarrassing) clarity, I could see hours wasted and opportunities missed. They stacked in messy piles around the corners of my mind, cluttered like the scene of forgotten landfills. Scavenger birds drew near and the sun set while an evangelist in a worn broad-striped suit proclaimed this was …


HELP! I’m twitterpated.

This was supposed to be my week of random posts. Taking a vacation from my typical content of Bible study and missional living, I would offer a parade of inconsequential nothingness. I started with our Disney countdown and then … well, somewhere between then and now my inconsequential nothingness turned …

Homeschooling is easier.

There. I’ve said it. I never thought I would — not in a million years — but there it is. I always thought homeschooling was too much work and that I could never do it. That the pressure would drive me insane, and the lack of personal time and space …

On Many Things

Posts that follow my little bloggy vacations are often long, random ramblings on many things. This one is no exception. On Gardening: I grew up on a large farm in northern Indiana. We had pigs, cows, horses, geese, chickens, a handful of other animals and lots and lots of acreage …

Battling Agendas: Opportunity or Distraction?

John Piper said: “The world sets the agenda for the professional man; God sets the agenda of the spiritual man.” I’ve been thinking on this much lately. “Lately” meaning for over a year. One of my goals —  Have you noticed that people only talk about resolutions in January? I …

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