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Lent in Reverse: Fasting from God (part 1)

With surprising (and embarrassing) clarity, I could see hours wasted and opportunities missed. They stacked in messy piles around the corners of my mind, cluttered like the scene of forgotten landfills. Scavenger birds drew near and the sun set while an evangelist in a worn broad-striped suit proclaimed this was …

I don’t have all the answers, but this I know… {BIG WORD: 1 Kings 17-18}

A couple European vagabonds and I sat in a tiny studio apartment amid the Swiss Alps debating theology until 4 am. Sons of missionaries, raised in boarding schools, these brothers had left their parents’ faith. I don’t remember a whole lot about them, not even their last name, but I remember …

Psalm 116.2

Fearing Unanswered Prayers

Yesterday was a great day. Nothing off-the-charts spectacular happened. I simply walked through a stream of reminders that God answers even unspoken prayers. Little surprises here and there, directly speaking to my heart. Garth Brooks sang a song called “Unanswered Prayers,” in which he thanked God for not giving him …

Am I prayerful enough?

Recently I ran into a friend I’d not seen in months. We smiled, clasped hands, and progressed with the typical salutations of a chance meeting. When I exclaimed that I had been thinking about her so much lately and praying for her, she grew suddenly serious. “Well, that’s no coincidence.” …

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