Summer’s Observations

On summer days when the weather is upwards of 95 degrees, the library is more crowded than the mall. However, when it rains (on equally hot summer days), the mall is more crowded than the library. My conclusion: everyone loves air conditioning, and most people firmly believe that shop therapy can overcome weather depression.

IMG_5185When scavenging seashells, Cape Cod has much more (quantity) to offer than the Jersey Shore. Even with the daily beach combing, shells are everywhere and easy to spot. The Jersey Shore, while more densely crowded and possessing a lower shell supply, provides the best perfectly white sea glass and polished stones, even if they are small. Cape Cod has the mother of pearl.

Kindles are amazing things, but they’re worth little more than a paperweight, if you forget to pack the charger.

Stretch marks don’t burn, as in sunburn. At least not in my experience. I may be rather lobster-esque on all parts of my body, but the silver road maps that cover my thighs and muffins top stay the same. Weird – right? Momentary insanity (brought on by the noxious smell of aloe coupled with searing pain) sprinkled the desire to have my entire body covered in stretch marks. As quickly as it came, the thought left me, and I ordered another mojito (passion fruit, please).

Sea air makes everything soggy and sticky. I love the ocean. No, I really and truly LOVE the ocean. I love the sand (in the appropriate places), the sea, the salty air, the sounds, the breeze, the rocks, the seafood … everything about it! But chips do not last, pretzels wilt, and my beloved freeze-dried green beans turn to mush. Everything else mysteriously becomes sticky, no matter how many times you wash them. It’s a little odd, don’t you think?

Glasses (for seeing) are useless on the sea, especially if a hurricane is coming. Within seconds the mist, salt, and wind combine to coat the lenses with some icky grime that only comes off with 100% cotton tee-shirt material.

I should always pack extra contacts, even when I *know* I won’t need them.

There are two types of tears in soft contact lenses. One is a mere slit which appears to fit back together peacefully. The other type of tear leaves a chunk missing from the edge of the contact. Contrary to what one might think, the contact with the missing piece is actually far more comfortable than the one with the slit. Furthermore (and my optometrist might disagree here), it’s better to have one blind eye and one chunk-absent contact than to wear grimy glasses. Just don’t drive. The depth perception is a little off.

Moms don’t get vacation. Well, we do, but it’s different. Dads (generally speaking) get vacation from everything: work, neighbors, church, household chores and all the stress that comes with all of these. Moms go on vacation, but still cook, clean, take care of the kids, break up fights, settle disagreements, hand out punishments, wake up far too early (and frequently throughout the night), do laundry (if they can), and play in preschool-age-appropriate ways. We still worry about our family’s safety, activities and happiness. We still plan agendas, pray incessantly, and continue to set aside those books we’ve been meaning to read, so that everyone else can relax: read books, take naps on the beach and play golf before a night of non-G-rated movies and poker. And – this is the amazing part – we don’t mind. Not one bit. Somehow seeing everyone else get vacation, even providing the vacation for them, is enough for us. Most of the time.

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