Summer’s Final Days

Busyness in real life consistently prompts online absence. And that’s the way it should be. As much as I treasure each of you, those within arm’s reach come first. They’ve come first a lot lately. And don’t they look worth it?

I figure after all my silence, I owed you a couple vacation photos. Can anyone guess where we went? Or what our Christmas cards might look like?

I can’t believe summer is nearly over. It’s been a great season, one that highly contrasts last year. And while I hate to see the last carefree days fade, I do look forward to the return of a regular schedule. (You can read that as more consistent posting around here.)

The kids start school in less than two weeks, as do clubs at church, dance classes, piano lessons and Big Word. That gives me about ten days to get everything aligned for that big shift. And it is a big a shift. Z, my naturally nocturnal boy, has grown accustomed to watching every Yankee game to near completion. In other words, his summer bedtime has slipped far closer to 11 than 8. He then sleeps in until his body can resist no longer. Around 8am, he wakes, dresses in full catcher gear and then spends about five hours in the backyard practicing for his turn in the major leagues. And my sweet E has become far too comfortable with procrastination. Her creativity explodes all over my house. (She likely got both traits from her mama.) Routine, while tough to embrace at first, will definitely be a positive force for all of us.

This week is booked with loads of laundry, completing summer assignments, and shopping for school supplies. Next week will probably have final days at the pool, an outing to the zoo and one last trip to Grandma’s.

Your Turn: What has kept you busy lately? How do you ease into fall’s schedule?

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