Summer’s End

Today and tomorrow. That’s all I’ve got.

Last week I posted all about homeschooling — IF I were a homeschool. I actually have one final post to add to that series, but the truth is I’m not a homeschooler, at least not full-time, and my kids go back to school on Friday. I’ve got two days left with them and I don’t want to spend our last hours of summer on the computer.

SO. I’ll finish off my “If I Were a Homeschooler …” series on Friday. Once they’re all settled with their classes and teachers, we’ll kick off the blog like the old days.

I have a lot of stuff to share with you! I’ve scheduled posts about human trafficking, how others have used their creativity and passion to make a difference and what you can do, too. Big Word starts up again next week; we’ll be diving into Second Kings. Of course, you’ll find some of my parenting misadventures, insights found through reading and some writing projects I want to tell you about. I’m excited!

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my munchkins and the fleeting summer sun. Leaves were literally falling on us at the pool the other day. So sad …

The end of summer always puts this song in my head. Don’t judge me.

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