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It’s been a little light on the blog since the new year began. I have been writing a lot; it just hasn’t made it here. What begins as a “quick post” too quickly morphs into a book that must then be chiseled back into a post or broken into a series … or expanded into an actual book and, while I try to figure all that out, publishing paralysis seeps. Thus the silence.

It’s a really good thing this doesn’t happen to all writers at the same time. Can you imagine a world with nothing to read? ACK!!! Just the thought gives me chills.

Today I present to you some online reads worth your time. Each of these are “sticky” posts that refuse to leave my thoughts. Check ’em out.

The Women of Karamoja

Women of Karamoja 4

Image via Samaritan’s Purse

This piece comes from the Samaritan’s Purse blog. The images alone are amazing. The story and truth it proclaims is awesome. Here’s a quote from the article:

“When change starts to come, when children start to survive, when women start to feel valuable, they are seeing that it comes from a God who knows their suffering and calls them to a new way of life with Him.”


Rethinking the $3000 Mission Trip

I’ve followed and admired RedLetter Believers for a while. This piece is a perfect example of why. Based on the title, one assumes the article is about stewardship and missions. It is, but it’s really much, much more than that. It’s about being and living Jesus right where you are and not saving efforts for those once-a-year far off experiences. Read it. Really solid stuff.


Waiting on God is Hard, and that’s OK.

We’ve all been in places of waiting. That’s usually where the questions rise about God, His sovereignty, His goodness, His faithfulness, His will … You’ve been there. You know. This article comes from Relevant Magazine and offers four lessons we can learn while waiting. The point that hit me hardest can be found toward the end of the piece.

“If God doesn’t do _________, can I still be satisfied in Christ?”

In other words, is my trust placed in God or in the answers I want? Such a challenging piece.


When Service Serves You

One of my latest editing/management projects has been the launch and management of our church’s blog. It went live last September and features about three posts a week from various members of our pastoral leadership team. I have to say that every post is worth sharing. I encourage you to browse through the whole site and archives of entries, but I’ll just link to the latest here.

“When Service Serves You” introduces “spiritual constipation,” the dangers of it and what to do about it.


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