Spring Happenings

I have absolutely neglected this blog lately. To be honest, I’ve neglected all of my blogs lately, but I have no regrets. Spring just seems to do this to me. After the winter we’ve had, I take delight in relishing every budding leaf and flower, every day of temps above fifty degrees.

So since I haven’t been writing, what have I been doing? I’m glad you asked!

I’ve been hanging with two of my favorite people … outside!

Baseball and softball seasons have begun. That’s been a blast.

I’ve been medicating. Spring is wonderful, but it torments my family with allergies which inevidably transform into infections and all sorts of ickiness.

Oh, and I’ve been creating beautiful things like these:

A very dear friend recently joined me in my little book purse business. She creates custom beaded handles for many of the pieces now. We made 47 handbags in less than three weeks for a conference in Brooklyn. It was a spectacular event! And we sold nearly everything we had. In fact, I’ve spent much of this week working on subsequent custom orders from people we met there. If you like the purses and are on facebook, you should follow our page there! That’s where we post new designs, specials and upcoming events.

So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. What about you?

Read with Me: Are you still reading? I’ve been terrible at maintaining our accountability lately. Talk to me. How are you doing?

Talk to me!

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