Simply Christmas

The problem with blogging breaks (as with any slacking of writing or other discipline) is that the lengthier your absence, the harder it is to come back. It feels that the longer the break the more significant or profound that next post must be in order to justify such a long silence. Right? Then in an effort to find something truly worthy about which to write, the break grows longer and then pressure mounts further until … well, until you get a post of absolutely no importance whatsoever.

Like today’s post which consists of nothing more than photos of us getting ready for Christmas. :)

Last week we made our first batch of Christmas cookies: Gingerbread Sandwiches.

These are made with a fun little cookie cutter I got in a gift set last year. One side does the outline of the tree (like a shadow) while the other side punches the ornaments. Take one “shadow” tree, smear it with cream cheese frosting, then top it with an ornament tree. Voila! Decadence!

I would show you more, but they don’t last long.

Here are our stockings hung by the fire:

Here are our munchkins being quite giddy in front of the freshly-decorated tree:

And here is our nativity set in the kitchen bay window:

I absolutely love this set. I like that none of the characters have faces, but mostly I love its simplicity.

Too often we succumb to the incessant busyness of this season. It’s so sad! I’ll not rant an anti-commercialism post, because I fall prey just as easily as the next suburban mom. But allow me to encourage you: know why you do what you do. Giving gifts and baking cookies, sharing our time and energy and sending cards and decorating … this is all great stuff! And it can serve a wonderful purpose. But don’t get so caught up in doing that you forget why you’re doing. Beware of feeling the need to create Christmas. It’s already done! Our job is only to celebrate it.

Simplicity. It is at the core of our Gospel. It is at the center of this season. Now if only we can hold tightly to it.

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