Short Years

When you’re parenting young children, the days are long, but the years are short.

I’ve known this. I’ve repeated this phrase as a mantra over the past couple years. It’s tough raising two kids so close together! I’ve experienced that and I trusted the wisdom of women older than me who assured me these days were fleeting. I wanted to drink in every moment before they were gone. Lately the unavoidable truth of short years has been tangible. A visible, audible heartbreak. I know, I know I’m just at the beginning. My oldest is only four. But it’s still eating at me. I’ve got a big girl on a two-wheeled bike giving doctrinal dissertations to the neighbors. Even my baby is not a baby anymore! He’s running circles around everyone, quoting his letters and phonics and wearing underwear to boot.

I figure I have two options: (1) have another baby or (2) refuse to let my kids grow up. My husband is praying hard against option number one so that leaves number two, which in my more practical moments I recognize as impossible. But I’ve come up with a plan. I’m going to refuse to call a speech therapist. Is that child abuse? It’s not like binding their feet or locking them in the basement – right?

Our girl has some speech issues. We’ve been letting it go because we thought she would outgrow it, but I’m afraid it’s time get some help. I don’t want to. These mispronunciations are so sweet and possibly the last signs of her being tiny. She’s not a baby anymore; she’s a big kid and I hate it. But a responsible mother must do what she must do. So, for the sake of prosperity, rather my own sentimentality, I’m recording here some of my favorites that she uses all the time. (*sniff* Excuse me while I go get a tissue.)

  • Pwincess = princess (not too hard to figure out)
  • Sweeping Booty = Sleeping Beauty
  • Cinnerllella = Cinderella
  • Wollo = royal, as in “Pwincesses sweep on wollo beds with wollo cwowns.”
  • Wool = roll, as in “Mama, look! I wool my tongue!”
  • Cimmimum = cinnamon
  • loy-yo = oil, as in “We need loy-yo and cimmimum for our cookies.”
  • Comooter = computer, as in “I have my watch and my phone and my comooter, just like Daddy!”
  • Nemonade = lemonade
  • Waterlemon = watermelon
  • Ikeass = Zacchaeus
  • Zachawee = Zachary, as in “Mama, Zachawee won’t sing Ikeass with me!”
  • Lord, I leappa neemma lie! = Lord, I lift your name on high!

All right. I’m off to get another box of tissues and then find the number for a therapist. For me or her? Good question.

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