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God sometimes reveals Himself in wonders, but more often He whispers in the dailies.

That’s what this book is about.

It isn’t a book about parenting. It’s not about running a home or being a wife or juggling life, parenting, and ministry in the suburbs. This is a book about God and finding Him in the details.

It’s about hearing Him in the day to day, no matter where your day to day might be or what it might hold. No matter what title you possess or what preconceived ideas you have of Him.

God is real. He is love. And He is waiting to meet you each and every day. Look. Listen. Find Him there.

In the Dailies: Finding God in the Midst of the {seemingly} Mundane released November 13th.

Click on the cover image to purchase. If you find it worthy, please post a review on Amazon.com. Stay tuned as a print version will soon be made available as well.

Since 2006, my writing has been featured in a number of publications, both online and in print. You can view a detailed list of these and past speaking engagements in my publication history. My professional memberships include The Writers View 2, Writer Interrupted, The Bestseller Society and ChristianWriters.com.

I was also a founding member and later Managing Editor of Christian Children’s Book Review, an award-winning website that welcomes over 14,000 visitors each month. I stepped down from that ministry in 2012.

My writing currently includes:

  • Bible Studies
  • Devotionals
  • Articles (parenting, writing, Christian living, etc.)
  • Blog posts (parenting, writing, social justice, book reviews, etc.)
  • Manuals and Tutorials
  • Presentations
  • ebooks

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