Graphic Design & Web Presence

Through eight years of blogging, six years on WordPress, and countless hours studying marketing and social media, I’ve grown quite adept at building and maintaining online presence. And, before going to Bible college, I went to art school, so I also have a bit of training in visual design.

Each job of this nature is completely customized. As such, the pricing varies greatly in accordance with the needs and complexity of each project. I offer the following services and beginning prices. If you don’t see it, but are interested in exploring options, email me. I’d be happy to discuss it.


  • Image & Text Graphics, Banners, Buttons or Signs : $30 and up
  • Customized business cards : $35
  • Certificates : $35
  • Flyers, ads and other print advertisements : $50 and up
  • Tri-fold Brochures : $75 and up
  • Custom Logos : $150 and up
  • Cover Art : $80 and up


  • Basic WordPress blog set-up : $125
  • WordPress Website Customization : $300 and up
  • Introduction to WordPress (1.5 hour Training Session) : $95
  • Introduction to Social Media (1-hour Coaching Session) : $60
  • Website or Social Media Management : $30/hour

Contact me with inquiries or to view my portfolio. You may also browse the following websites that I have created and currently manage.


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