Seek and Ye Shall Find: Discipline? (Read with Me Check-in)

I hold great aspirations of discipline. I envision a life in which my dishes are always done before they turn crusty, in which I am prepared for my children before they come home from school, and in which I can easily balance all of my hats with a simple schedule and Excel spreadsheet. In this wonderful life I would have meals planned in advanced and always deliciously ready (not burnt) on time. I would never realize halfway through a recipe that we’re missing a major ingredient. I would be organized. Calm. Collected. In control.

This week I dreamed of a chore chart for my kids, one that would not only teach them responsibility, but would also give them confidence and foster new skills. I imagined handing over one night a week to my daughter. It would be her night to cook. This means she would choose the menu, help me make the grocery list and then learn to follow the recipe. Of course, this delightful chore, which I know she would treasure, would only be granted after she finishes her other less-treasured chores like cleaning her room and sorting socks. I love the idea! But I fear failing once again.

I’m just not that organized. I want to be! And sometimes I am, but consistency eludes me. The stamina to remain organized … well, there’s a scientific law (don’t ask me what it’s called) that states all things naturally move from order to disorder. I am living proof of that law.

What does this have to do with our challenge? Unfortunately, everything.

The longer this challenge continues, the less orderly I am about it. Same as last week, I’m struggling to find the motivation to keep reading. Worse: I’m struggling to find my chart! Yes, I lost my chart with all the nifty little check-marks on it. While I generally know which parts I’ve read and which ones I haven’t, I’m not entirely sure. I skipped around quite a bit last year. So now I’m stuck, debating whether to start all over again or … I don’t know what. I’m seeking discipline and not finding it. Meanwhile, that slimy thought of quitting slowly inches its way toward the center of my brain.

So, you all have to help me!

Your turn: What do you do to stay motivated? What tips do can you share for keeping discipline fresh rather than rote? How do you revitalize a dimming passion?

In other news, please welcome Misty and Robin to our group! Both are new to the challenge this year. Ladies, I’m so glad you’ve joined us!


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