Recently I lamented  — okay, I flat-out complained that the radio plays certain songs (ones I don’t necessarily like) in heavy rotation (like INCESSANTLY), but rarely my favorites. This weekend provided an exception. They played this one almost every time I was in the car. I loved it. I love it still.

As I hushed and ignored the kids, I blasted the volume and attempted to keep my eyes open and hands on the wheel while simultaneously worshiping and driving. This presented a challenge, to be sure. It also sparked a lot of conversation with the kids about redemption. What does it actually mean and why is it so important?

In this video, the lead singer and songwriter shares his story behind the song and its significance.

We’ve all had those whispers calling us unworthy. Maybe it’s related to weight or appearance. Maybe, like me, it’s more about past parental relationships and finding acceptance without works. It doesn’t really matter what or who calls us “unworthy” because God has renamed us. We who believe have been redeemed. We’ve been bought at a price and are set free.

Free from our past. Free from the sins and habits that enslave us. Free from ourselves. Free from whatever it is that has labeled us. We are free.

What could possibly be more beautiful than that?

Talk to me.

This song has clearly touched me where I am these days. What song has spoken to the deepest parts of your heart lately?

Talk to me!

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