Recent Kid Quotes

Zach: “I love you the same as you love me. Like a steak as big as our house, but cut into lots and lots of little tiny pieces. Like this. (He held up his fingers about half an inch apart.) That’s how much I love you.”

Zach, while cleaning out the lint trap in the dryer: “This stuff is so warm! It cozy, too. We should make this into a something. Mom, do you know how to make sweaters? Sweaters are warm and cozy.”
Me: “I don’t know how to make sweaters. Aunt Beth does.”
Zach: “That’s great! We should talk to her. She can make a pretty, warm, cozy sweater for us. So we can’t throw this out until you talk to her.”
Note: If you look deep enough in the corner of his closet you will find a growing collection of dryer lint.

Zach: “I like helping you, Mama.”
Me: “I’m glad.”
Zach: “I like helping you because I’m getting a headache from you saying the same thing all the time.”

Ellie: “His name is Monster Yodel — ”
Me: “It’s Master Yoda.”
Ellie: “Right. His name is Monster Yodel because he yodels a lot.”
Zach: “Read you will?”
Ellie: “Yodelers always talk backwards.”

Zach: “You know, I’m not really nocturnal. That’s a secret I’ve kept for a long time.”

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