Reading without me.

Today is Friday (the 13th) which means it’s time for Read with Me.

If you’re new to my blog, Read with Me is an accountability challenge I started well over a year ago. The intent was for me and those who joined to encourage one another to read the entire Bible — all 66 books — in one year. When some of us completed the challenge and some of us didn’t, it turned into a two-year initiative.

I gotta be honest. I’m thinking of quitting. I mean, is it meeting a need any more? I’m not talking about the reading. Bible reading ALWAYS serves a purpose and I definitely want to encourage all of you to continue reading. But the online accountability … I just don’t think it’s working any more.

And that’s my fault.

During the first year I posted nearly every single week. I facebooked about it and made sure our Twitter list was updated. I even emailed a number of people who fell away from the group. This year I haven’t done any of that, mainly because I’ve been busy and distracted and I have needed someone to keep me accountable. I’ve needed to be on the receiving side of encouragement.

Anyway, I’d love some feedback. If any of you want to continue, I will. Probably with a different format. You know me, I can’t go too long without stepping into some theological or Scriptural debate. Trust me, I’ll still talk about what I’m reading! 😉

But right now it seems it may be time to read without me.

Talk to me!

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