Read with Me in 2011!

Last year we started the Read with Me Challenge with over thirty women and a handful of silent men committed to reading the entire Bible. Originally it was a one-year initiative, a goal begun and completed in less than 365 days.

Some of us finished on time — WOO-HOO!! I would love to get a head-count. How many of you read the entire Bible, all 66 books in 2010?

Some of us, however, didn’t quite make it — BUT WE CAN! We, myself included, are now on the two-year plan, which is why we need to continue our Friday check-ins for accountability. WE CAN DO IT, PEOPLE!!

Now, I don’t want to be exclusive here. Some of you may not have signed up last year, but want to take the challenge this year. That’s great! Many of you who DID finish on time were so fired up by the challenge that you’ve already started new Bible-reading schedules for the new year. I’m absolutely thrilled that God has started this raging fire for His Word. One of you, when nearing the end of the challenge, told me that you just wanted more. “It’s like getting to the end of a great novel and knowing there isn’t a sequel.”

Consider this the sequel.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re still with us, whether pressing on to complete last year’s challenge or starting a new one for 2011, sign up in the comments section of this post.
  • Let us know which plan you’re using. If you have a link to it, even better. (This is the plan most of us used last year.) This isn’t for accountability, but rather so those who don’t have plans can browse and choose one. It’s perfectly acceptable to change tracks throughout the year. Whatever it takes to keep reading and growing.
  • Please stop by each week to check in. Just like last year, I’ll have regular posts (usually on Fridays) dedicated to this challenge. The purpose is to challenge, encourage, and spur one another on in our pursuit of God. Many of us desperately need that accountability. Besides I love hearing about what you glean from your reading!

If you still have questions, check out our “ground rules” and FAQs from last year.

So, who’s reading with me?

Talk to me!

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