Read with Me: Dori’s Testimony

As we enter our second year of Bible-reading accountability, I’ve asked a few of our champions (those who read all 66 books in 2010) to share their testimonies.

Sometimes we wrongfully believe that if we only had different circumstances, we could be better Christians. We could read our Bible more regularly and pray with more passion. It’s those kids that take up so much of my time and energy! Or maybe it’s my job or my boss or all the blase people around me. The truth, however, is that any type of discipline — including spiritual disciplines like prayer, consistent Bible reading, humility and service — require concerted effort. Sure, some of us have more obstacles to overcome to get to where we are, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for anyone.

My point is that we all need encouragement once in a while. My hope is that these testimonies shared over the next few weeks will offer just that to those of us still reaching toward the goal of consistent time shared with God and His exceedingly powerful Word.

First up is Dori, a friend of mine from college. Dori and I re-connected a couple years ago via facebook, and I’m so glad we did. She’s such a sweet, sweet person. Here’s what she has to say about our challenge.


My journey with Jesus has been going on my whole life. Devotions, however, have been strong and not so strong at different times. In Jr. High, I had an amazing teacher who encouraged us to do devotions, provided us with materials and I’ve got to say, that was the best it ever was. It was the Word of Life devos where you read a passage and answered 2 ?’s. A few years later, I actually won a Read Thru the Bible in a Year Bible and did it! So it was over half my life till I took the challenge again with Tanya.

I needed the challenge and needed the accountability. I LOVED reading through and enjoyed several books. About halfway through the year, I coverted myself to my own schedule and would read through some books quicker and not do so many at a time. This year, I wanted to do more studying. So, I am taking the book of Job, and using my Inductive Study Bible and trying to answer the questions it tells me to think about, underline certain things, etc. I bought a notebook and write some things that “hit” me. Most importantly, I write prayer requests and as I write them I pray for the person and request. There’s some connection with writing that I just can’t explain, but it makes you think for an extra second and chew on it or something.

Some mornings I choose to read a teacher devotional book, or the book that my house church is working on, and I think that’s all good. Flexibilty is important, but I just pray I can stay on track better with consistency. Accomplishing a lot one day, just to (oops..) skip the next 5, is not what I’m trying to do. So pray for me to find that time daily and MAKE that time daily!!!! Thanks!

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