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Did you know I’ve been blogging for over five years? Yup. This site has evolved a number ways in that time. I started on blogger and then switched to a self-hosted site and finally back to a freebie via wordpress. The content has gone from being strictly devotional to mommy blogging to a mish-mash of all things homelife. Lately, I’ve veered away from the personal stuff with (what I hope are  more “helpful”) articles about Bible study and topics relevant to parents and believers.

Today I’m getting personal again. Unfortunately for you, my “personal” brings with it randomness.

I haven’t had coffee in two days. This is partly because I haven’t been feeling well, but also because my Keurig broke. Again. Ladies and gentlemen, I am on my FOURTH — count them: 1, 2, 3, 4! — Keurig machine in two years.

I can’t say I wasn’t warned. A very dear friend (she’s actually part of our Big Word Bible Study) told me when I bought the first one that it would break. Her actual words were something like “You’ll fall in love and become helplessly addicted to this machine. And then it will make you beg it for coffee.” She was right.

The good news: Keurig has AMAZING customer service. Yes, I’m on my fourth machine, but I only ever had to pay for the first one. And that I got a greatly discounted rate with a lovely coupon. Bonus: each time they send me a new (free!) machine, I get the latest model. I’m not complaining! I am a little caffiene deficit, though.

My sister visited last week! (Thus the sound of crickets in Blogtown.) We hadn’t seen each other in two years, so it was wonderful.

I loved spending time with her, my brother (who also came out for the weekend) and my brother-in-law, but my greatest joy came from watching the cousins play together. The eight kids’ ages span from 2 to 12 and they had a blast. Mostly while chasing and tackling a poor stuffed monkey named Monkey.

(Right now I’m kicking myself because I do not have one single picture with all eight kids. Argh. My mother will be so upset!)

When I think of Heaven, I imagine my life with all those whom I love most living in the same place. Won’t that be wonderful? No more counting the miles or driving for days just to have lunch together. No more heart-wrenching good-byes. No more stilted skype conversations or cousins forgetting one another’s names or ages. Heaven will be so grand!

This is my kids’ last full week of school. In other words, it’s the end of the world as I know it. 😉 My hope and prayer is that I can continue with my writing goals in spite of having a less predictable schedule and a more chaotic house.

Ellie has already asked about summer homeschool. She enjoyed it so much last year that she can hardly wait to start again. I haven’t the heart to tell her we did it then only because Zach was in a body cast. She wants to study Hebrew and Arabic, learn cursive and take lots and lots of field trips into the city. All this between swim lessons, VBS, dance camp, cheerleading camp, tennis lessons and whatever other excursions enter her imagination.

Zach, meanwhile, is perfectly content to stay home and play baseball in the backyard (alone) or Wii in the living room (also alone) for the next three months.

My biggest challenge every summer is trying to give a positive, meaningful vacation simultaneously to two children who are so completely opposite.

I wonder who writes the notes for fortune cookies. They’re not quite proverbs, but something like it. This morning I wrote one of my own.

“Convenience is the soil of most bad habits.”

Not bad – right? My favorite fortune cookie note, however, is still this: “Your fortune is in another cookie.” How classic is that?

Your Turn: Fill the comments with recent randomness from your personal life!

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