Preparing for Disney

We leave for Disney World in 5 days. Of course, if you’re not counting today, we leave in 4 days … This has been on an ongoing debate within our household. How do we count down? I don’t know exactly, but I do know it’s coming soon. As in THIS WEEK. So, we’ve been busy. Here are a few of my recent activities.

READING. You know the crazy chick who makes spreadsheets for every possible eventuality? She goes a little nuts with planning and scheduling, printing maps, creating color-coded charts and routes through parks, tips and tricks. Her senility is magnified with family vacations that tend to cost more money than your typical Forced Family Fun event and could potentially be considered a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. You know that girl? I am she. I haven’t been to Disney since I was seven. (Let me save you the math: That’s twenty-seven years.) So, I have probably read (and this is a conservative estimate) over 800 pages of information. This, of course, does not include the research I’ve done via videos, interactive websites and one-to-one conversations. This week I’ve noticed my eyes crossing in unnatural and involuntary frequency. I may require intervention.

(In case you’re wondering, this title is my favorite resource so far. Well, that book and our travel agent whom a sweet friend was kind enough to recommend. Thanks, Amy!!)

SEWING. I’m still debating the wisdom of this decision. Rather than spend $50 (or more) on a dress we don’t need and I don’t particularly like, I have spent hours (quite literally) sewing pearls onto a Cinderella dress that is old, but fits my daughter perfectly. Can you see all those tiny pearls?

Here. Let me help.

These little boogers line every stitch of lace on this dress … the neckline, bodice, puffs at the shoulders, even the in-lay of the skirt … to the floor. Oh, *sigh*. I love my daughter. And she looks bea-u-ti-ful in it!

MONITORING WEATHER. Have I talked about our winter? Hmmm … yes. We will be experiencing a drastic change of climates with a minimum amount of luggage space. Of course, while meteorology may be considered a science, it certainly is not precise. This may be a wonderful aid to my latest and greatest diet.

PACKING. This involves doing approximately 172 loads of laundry and consulting at least 46 different lists from experienced friends and family, travel agents, online guides and several books from Barnes and Noble. This step is definitely still in progress. I’ll save you the torture (and myself the embarrassment) of a picture.

CLEANING. There is nothing like arriving home to a messy house after an exhausting vacation. I’m working hard to prevent the inevitable meltdown that will occur if my house is not clean before we leave. This, too, is still in progress.

ADMINISTERING MEDICATIONS. This morning marks the fourth consecutive morning of a fever in our house. Yup. You read that right. We have not been sick all winter! Even with the insane amount of snow and ice that has pummeled our region, we have remained healthy … until this weekend, a scant week before our months-ago-pre-planned vacation. A vacation we have anticipated and of which our children have dreamed  for years. So I’m taking temperatures, pushing fluids and running through the drugs. And praying. Oh, baby, I’m praying this gets in and out of our systems quickly.

Your turn! What has kept you busy this week? Tell me I’m not the only one who goes crazy when planning trips like this.

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