Celebrating Passover

My kids know the history behind Passover and can relate the Old Testament stories. They talk of the plagues and the Red Sea and Pharoah’s stubborn heart, but, since we’re not Jewish and most of their Jewish friends aren’t practicing, they miss a lot of its power. They forget that this is a modern celebration. Because it hardly touches their lives, they let it pass over without much thought.

I want to change that.

“For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.” — 1 Corinthians 5:7

The Passover in the Old Testament is a beautiful story! It reveals God’s faithfulness, His power, His great love and perseverance for His people. He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t forget. He never abandons. He always makes a way. Every detail is AMAZING!

I want my kids to embrace the potency of this history, so … what did I do? I look for a video. Fortunately, there is no short of Passover/Frozen parodies this year. :)

Now, while I love this one for it’s sound (C’mon, who doesn’t love a good ukulele reggae? And I think the girl’s voice is fantastic.), the one below tells a more universal story.
I know parts of it are a little corny, but … I get goosebumps when the crowd chants “Let them go!” (I also get goosebumps every time I hear the Whos shout “We are here!” at the end of Horton’s plight.)There is something truly striking about perseverance and the knowledge that One can and will deliver those whom He loves.

Unfortunately, both videos skip over the really important part: the Passover lamb. The shedding of blood was a critical part of their salvation. The lamb needed to be spotless, flawless, pure. And it had to be killed. This provided their preservation, their salvation and their freedom.

We have the rest of the story. Jesus is the Christ. He is the perfect, eternal Passover lamb, sacrificed for all time for all people.

This is worthy of tremendous celebration, people!

Forget the fancy dresses, the eggs, the chocolate — okay, let’s keep the chocolate, but let it not be our focus. This — salvation through the blood of the Lamb — is the center of all our Good News! And yet that Good News doesn’t end with a sacrifice, because He rose – didn’t He? Thus conquering death for all time. Providing life to all who believe. We, who have done absolutely nothing to receive it, are granted victory. PRAISE GOD!!

“It’s interesting how much one death can affect the hearts of so many people around them – death is a powerful tool, especially when it comes as a sacrifice. Others can’t help but be changed by that.” — Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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