October Ellie-isms and Zach Attacks

Me: “What is this fuzz? Are you growing something between your toes?”
Zach: “Um … yeah. It sounded like a good idea.”

Ellie: “Daniella has this same shirt! She wore it on Monday.”
Me: “Today is Monday.”
Ellie: “Yeah! That means me and Daniella are the same and that makes us dental twins!”

Ellie: “Um, Mom? What exactly is the point of apple-picking if we don’t actually pick any apples?”

Zach: “I’m pretending my underpants are an elevator.” (I’m sure you can imagine what that looked like!)

Ellie: “Boys have penises, but I have a ah-jine-ya.”
Me: “Vagina.”
Ellie: “Right. Vagina. Just like China. VAGINA CHINA!” (It was quite a victorious shout, kind of like a battle cry.)

Ellie: “T-Rexes eat meat. We are meat.”

Ellie: “What?! Mom, did you know that elephants have over 100 puzzles in their trunk?!”

Me: “You are not being nice. You keep kicking and hitting and kicking and hitting. You need to stop or we won’t play any more.”
Ellie: “Hey! That’s a pattern!”

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