What is the one thing you can’t stop talking about?

You know there’s something. Everyone has a pet topic that, when brought into conversation, friends roll their eyes and relatives groan, even if miles away. They don’t hate the topic; they may even agree with you. But they are tired of you talking about it.

My husband is a Disney nut. Let me take you back a couple years. We’ve been to Disney World twice now, but the first time we went, we believed it to be an obligatory, once-in-a-lifetime trip all parents must make with their elementary-age children.

One hour. I think that’s all it took for my husband to fall in love.

Since going he has talked up our experiences with everyone. I’m not kidding. EV-ER-Y-ONE! He follows Disney blogs, subscribes to special touring plan websites and spends his evenings going through pictures of food and vacations. It doesn’t even have to be our vacation. He’s content to look through strangers’ albums, too. He reads books and watches documentaries about how the World was built and what goes on behind the scenes. Even cooking shows! He subscribes to more than one Disney youtube channel. Obsessive may not be a strong enough description.

Why is he so crazy? It’s not just the parks with their amazing details, the impeccable service or the decadent foods. He absolutely loves having his family all to himself with no distractions and no worries. The perfect Florida weather helps, too. It’s like his little glimpse of Heaven.

Throughout the New Testament we read of believers who, so excited about Christ and the salvation He offers, simply couldn’t stop talking about it. They shared the good news with everyone they met!

To emphasize the significance of the Gospel, some have paralleled it to a cure for cancer. If you discovered the cure, would you keep quiet? Of course not! You would contact all the leading papers and television studios to broadcast your findings to the world. Imagine how many people you would save!

As Christians we do not possess the cure for any single disease; rather we possess life everlasting. So what is it that keeps us so reserved?

The point of this post is not to get all of you to craft sandwich boards and stand on your soapboxes. I just want you to consider: what it is that you can’t stop talking about?

Your kids? Your house and how you decorate it? Nutrition? Education? Politics?

Whatever it is, does that speech further the kingdom of God? Or does it merely distract you (and those around you) from it?

Talk to me!

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