November Ellie-isms & Zach Attacks

It’s the first of the month! Time for the previous month’s best kid quotes. ENJOY!


Zach: “Barnes and Noble makes me happy.”

Me, trying to catch a housefly: “Where’s the fly?”
Zach: “I don’t know. I was clapping, but he didn’t come to me.”

Ellie, as we drive past the Nabisco factory: “Mommy, what is that wonderful smell? I (sniff) … I just (sniff) … I just CAN’T STOP SMELLING IT!!”

Zach: “Mommy, I like your nails. They’re good at opening things! And they’re part of your body. I guess that means I like your body.”

Ellie, singing: “I know God the bellybutton!” (This is from VeggieTales’ silly song in which Larry, Mr. Lunt, Jerry and Jimmy pretend to be N’Sync and lament “I don’t got a bellybutton!”)

Me, pointing to jelly on Zach’s bare chest: “What’s that?
Zach, pointing to his nipple and speaking to me in a very “Duh, Mom!” tone: “That’s my dark skin button.”

Zach: “Her was talking so loudly that all of my thinkings went out of my head! And now I have no thinkings.”

Ellie has been making up worship songs and memory verses lately. Here are a couple of the “memory verses.”

“Thank God for the things He does. Ellie 56:1:233”

“Be great to others and good to yourself. Ellie 4:92”

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