Notice anything different?

My new site re-design is finished! What do you think? It’s been about three months in the making and I couldn’t be happier. That said, I’m sure something here or there has missed my attention. I heartily invite your feedback.

Change is rarely easy, so let’s take a quick tour.

What’s the same?

Content. Almost everything from the old site is here: information about my writing and editing, a separate page for Big Word Bible Studies, and the In the Dailies blog.

I have not yet transferred all the archives, and, honestly, I may not. Some posts are over six years old and … well, I won’t be sad to see them disappear. I will, however, be sure that all the most popular posts, regardless of how old, get transferred. This is a process, so please be patient. If you seek something specific and can’t find it here, you can go back to my old blog to search for it. Everything that was there will remain there until I finish transferring what I want to keep.

Purpose. The entire intent of this website, as it has always been, remains: to pursue God in the dailies and encourage others to do the same.

I’ve tried to make this a little more clear with a new category heirarchy. (You can see this in the right sidebar.) Every posts will fit into one or more of these six buckets. We pursue God by …

  • Encouraging Believers: introspective thoughts to encourage and challenge
  • Engaging Culture: hot topics, current events, world religions and evangelism
  • Living: marriage, parenting, finding balance and related topics
  • Reading: book reviews, blog tours, and giveaways
  • Studying: anything to do with studying God’s Word
  • Working: time management, publishing news, updates on my writing projects and tips for other writers

Subscriptions. If you subscribed to In the Dailies, you are still subscribed to In the Dailies. :) All subscriptions — be they for posts, comments or both; be they via email or through WordPress — have been transferred. There should be no interruptions. If you do experience one, please let me know so that I can fix it.

If you’ve not yet subscribed, why not do it now? You can get automatic updates via email (just insert your address in the right sidebar, I promise no spam!) or through RSS feed (click the nifty orange icon under “Follow Me”). You can also follow me on facebook or twitter.

What’s new?

Each Big Word series has its own page. All the discussion posts and homework downloads are still free for you to use individually or in a small group, but now each has its own page. You can access these through the Big Word Bible Studies page or the drop-down menu bar at the top.

You can now sign up for Bible study updates via email. On the Big Word page just below the introduction is a simple form to add your email to the list. Emails include notices of new studies or resources, reminders of meeting dates and times, group prayer requests, links to discussion posts and downloadable homework. The frequency is about four emails a month, one before and one after each meeting.

I have a speaking page now. Visit that to learn about my most requested topics and to explore opportunities to have me speak at your event. There’s a simple form at the bottom of the page for private inquiries.

My bookshelf is integrated. Formerly I posted book reviews on a competely different page (a different blog, even) than my main site. It’s cumbersome for you and difficult for me to maintain that. So I’ve decided to centralize that, too. Book reviews, whether for blog tours or not, will not all be part of the main In the Dailies blog.

Keep your eyes open for some new features there, too. Over the summer I started blasts of free ebooks on my facebook page. Within the next week or so I will transfer those listings here rather than posted dozens of independent links on facebook.

The blog layout is a better. Rather than have you scroll through dozens of paragraphs to catch up on a week’s worth of posts, the blog now offers teasers. The most recent posts are at the top, of course, and then the teasers get smaller, turning into just headlines, as you scroll down through older posts.

Search options are available both in the black/grey menu bar on the header and at the bottom of the right sidebar. You can also view posts by category.

You can read my recent twitter feed or see which of your friends follow me on facebook by checking out the page footer.

Anything else?

I have found a couple distinctions based on browser. Neither of these are big deals, but you might want to know.

I have embedded an widget showing recommended books for writers. If you view the site on IE, you can see this at the bottom of the Writing & Editing page. If, however, you view the site through Chrome, it never shows up.

On the flipside, the search features are much easier to find and see on Chrome than they are on IE.

I’ve not tested Firefox or other browsers and have only done minimal checks on mobile devices. (You all remember my aversion to change and technology that leaves me at least decade behind my computer genius husband – right?) If any of you kind souls want to check it out and get back to me, I welcome your observations and suggestions!

Talk to me!

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