Notes from a terribly delinquent blogger

I should be doing laundry. Or dishes. Or both. But I miss you people!! Even now I only have a few minutes so prepare yourself for some very disjointed thoughts.

Life is full! That’s a wonderful thing. Lately I’ve been making purses, writing and editing for clients, celebrating spring (complete with migraines and puffy itchy eyes for all!), reading books and tending to all sorts of real life stuff, like planning VBS and finishing the school year. All this has left little time for blogging.

When those few moments arose, niggling insecurities would take over. You know the kind, the toxic whispers that convince me I have nothing important or interesting to say. While that may be true, sometimes you’ve just got to say what’s on your mind.

So, my mom comes today! This is very exciting. I love when my mom comes to visit. Her flight is already a half hour behind schedule, but that’s okay. It will give me a little more time to finish the aforementioned jobs around the house.

I cut Z’s hair today. That’s always an adventure. Once every month we must engage in the challenge of trimming the locks of a five-year-old who refuses to sit still or straight and who perpetually fears for the life of his ears. (Why does he think I’m going to cut them off?! And if he really worries about that, why won’t he just sit still as I come toward his head with sharp objects??) It evokes great frustration (on my part) and more than a few emotional outbursts (on his part). Alas, April’s time has come and gone and the boy’s ears are still attached. Yay for me for not maiming my son!

I drove by the old house this week. The front yard boasts a cherry tree in all it’s flowery goodness. I have a picture of our kids in front of that tree, one for every spring of their lives. I’m tempted to ask the new owner if we could borrow it just once a year to continue the tradition.

Mom just called. Her flight is now another 20 minutes behind schedule. Electrical problems.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll proposition the new owner. As beautiful as that tree may be, we’ve entered a new stage of life with a lovely new home. And we have dogwoods. Pink dogwoods. Give them another week or so and we’ll have our own celebration of blossoms right here.

OH MY. The heavens just opened!! I ADORE a good storm. Many of my friends and family have lamented all the severe weather they’ve recently endured. Now, I won’t profess to miss tornadoes, but there is something deliciously exciting about a good storm. They reveal just a tiny glimpse of God’s immeasurable power and I can’t help but sit in awe of that. I’ve written before about all the “lonely places” in our new house. They’re perfect for sitting in the rain.

Speaking of “lonely places” … I think I left the doors to our balcony open. That could be very bad when this rain hits that carpet. Please excuse me.

(Three and a half minutes later …)

I’m back. Carpet is soaked. Not only that, I had laid out the guest comforter next to the window for some fresh spring breezes. It’s soaked, too. This all means it’s “sayonara” for me! Later, peeps.

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